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Free Entry to National Parks - NEW - Short item about free entry to 147 National Park Service sites.
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Making Way for Mother Nature -  NEW - Disruptive events come in many flavors. Are you prepared
for  hurricanes, tropical storms, and floods or others, such as tornadoes, flash floods, and earthquakes?
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What About Towable RVs? - NEW - If you have enjoyed hiking and tent camping, the next step is to
consider RVing. The towable RV provides an inexpensive way to enjoy the comforts of RVing, especially
if you already have a vehicle equipped with a tow hitch
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Common Sense Ideas for the New RV Season- NEW - Here are some suggestions to help you enjoy
one of America’s favorite pastimes.
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15 Things, 15 Minutes, 15 Days - For fifteen suggestions that can each be done in fifteen minutes or
less, to make your 15-day family RVing trip more enjoyable and save a little money in the process,
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RVing and Laundry - Anyone gone from home more than a couple of days will have to do laundry, or a
lot of clothes shopping. For more info,
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On the Road for a While? RVers considering extended RVing (several months or longer) or full-
timing have several factors to consider to be prepared for life on the road. For more, please
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New to RVing? - An overview of the resources available to help a new RVer get up to speed about how
to enjoy the RV lifestyle. For more,
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Getting the Most Out of Your RV Refrigerator - RVers find a trip can become difficult if they are
having problems with their refrigerator or are running out of space to store food and beverages. For
more info,
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It’s Your Money  - We strongly recommend that anyone concerned about the manufacturer of their RV
going out of business or considering 0% interest offers to transfer credit card balances or using credit
card  convenience checks read the updated column. For more, please
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Why Pay for Computer Software? - Are you tired of paying $60/year for anti-virus and spyware
protection and having to buy other computer applications for your computers? For more info,

Do You Know Where You Are? - While knowing where you are and access to mobile wireless service,
the Internet, and satellite is a good idea most of the time, it is even more important when traveling
outside the Untied States. For more info,
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Paying for Your Next RV Trip - If you are looking for ways to pay for your RV activities this upcoming
season, consider the additional payment millions of Americans will be receiving as part of the recently
passed Economic Stimulus Package. For more information, please
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Cutting RV Fuel Costs continues to be a major concern for RVers with gasoline on its way to $4/gallon
and diesel on its way to $5/gallon in some sections of the country. For actions you can take to stretch
fuel dollars, please
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Looking for a Dump Station? From time to time, just about all RVers need to find an RV dump station
when they are not in a campground or RV resort. For suggestions on  how to find one, please

What’s New for 2008 -  has been updated with info about the portable Vu Cube lightweight satellite
DeLorme mapping, trip planning and GPS products, and new fuel efficient Class A motorhome  
Damon. For more, please go to..

RVer publications no longer available - Woodall's Regional Publications has ceased publication in
three geographical areas of the country. For details, please
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RVers, Retirees, and the Fair Tax  - The Fair Tax proposal would replace all Federal income taxes
related to corporate, business, estate, gift, and personal income, and the Payroll Tax (Medicare and
Social Security) with a Federal retail sales tax of 30%. For an overview of the impact on RVers, the
retired, and those people approaching retirement, please
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Medicare and RVers - Medicare-eligible RVers have additional considerations when reviewing and
selecting the hospital, medical, and Rx services because they may be traveling away from their home
locations. Please
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Fall Weather Driving Dangers - Fall weather RVing exposes RVers to the risk of collisions with wild
animals, such as deer, moose, and elk, or large birds. For an overview of the coverage provided by your
RV comprehensive insurance, please
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Returning from Canada or Mexico at a border crossing? - See new requirements for US citizens
and legal resident aliens returning to the United States via a land crossing. Please
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Wondered About Reaching the Internet? - For an overview of how we can get to the Internet - At
home, business, and on the road, please
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Do You Need a Spare Tire - For an overview of factors to consider about carrying a spare tire for your
RV. For more, please
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Globalization - The Race to the Bottom - A properly maintained RV should provide safe and reliable
service for 15-20 years. Will imported systems, equipment, and components do that? For an overview of
increasing reliance on imported consumer products, please
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Fees Increase at National Parks  – Entrance fees are being phased for park passes and vehicle fees
at 131 of the 390 parks managed by the National Park Service. For more, please
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Factors to Consider with Wireless Mobile ProductsEntrance fees are being phased for park
passes and vehicle fees at 131 of the 390 parks managed by the National Park Service. For more,
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Emergency RadiosNo RVer should hit the road without an emergency radio to keep informed of
dangerous weather or environmental conditions on the road or in the campground. For more, please
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Watch the Weather - We remind our readers that although the RVers along the east coast will be
watching the 2007 hurricane season that runs from June through November, all RVers need to be
prepared to protect their life and property if the need arises. For more, please
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Have You Ever...?  - Commentaries about free computer software, reaching the Internet and consumer
electronics warranty periods. Americans love personal electronics and electrical products. For more,
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What is Roads ‘n Toads? - Roads 'n Toads is the RV website and newsletter that  to helps RVers get
the most out of the RV lifestyle. The 24-page print edition is the only RV lifestyle newsletter written by
Florida RVers for Florida RVers. For more info, please
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Where on the Web - For websites with the information needed by RVers, please go to

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