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Avoiding State Income Taxes - A total of 41 states impose income taxes. New Hampshire and Tennessee apply
it only to income from interest and dividends. Seven states (Alaska, Florida, Nevada, South Dakota, Texas,
Washington, and Wyoming) do not tax personal income. See the
Retirement Living Information Center website for
more information.

Hurricane Evacuation Tip – Don’t forget to keep a list with addresses and contact information for your home and
personal property insurance, personal medical and dental insurance providers, and medical, dental, and prescription
medication providers.     

Money Saving Tip – Buy a local newspaper when checking into a campground or RV resort and check it for
coupons, bargains and savings before going out to shop for groceries,  

Money Saving Tip – The question to ask before using a credit card should be “How much am I willing to pay each
month for this purchase?”, not “Will this purchase max out my credit card limit?”  

Laptop Computer Tip – You can get free anti-virus and spyware protection on the Internet with the Google Pack
that includes a variety of free downloadable software programs to provide better security and applications to let you
get more use.

Safety Tip – Don’t leave home without a NOAA emergency radio. We strongly recommend you keep it on while you
are driving and whenever the RV is set up in an RV Resort or campground.

Maintenance Tip: - Remove any items and equipment from RV bays before every trip that you don’t need for
emergency conditions or plan on using to save weight and improve fuel efficiency. It will also provide more space and
make it easier to find the things you do want to take with you.

Fuel Savings Tip – Find an RV resort or campground closer to home and reduce your driving speed.

Driving Tip – We know that GPS navigation systems are very popular, but we still highly recommend that RVers
always travel with a road atlas as well to provide the big picture regarding your actual location and the roads you
may want to consider using.  

Money Saving Tip – Check all Zero Interest credit card offers very closely. Over the last few years, the credit
companies have upped the fees to as much as $175 and reduced the time period of zero interest from 12 months to
as little as 3 – 4 months.  

Housekeeping Tip – Storing your portable grill (and charcoal) in a heavy duty trash bag before putting it in an RV
equipment bay will keep your storage bays cleaner.  

Housekeeping Tip – Store your sewer hoses and fittings in a heavy duty trash bag inside of plastic bin with a cover
to reduce odors in your equipment bay. We also recommend you clean the storage bin out with hot soapy water
regularly and replace the trash bags.    

Fuel Savings Tip – Carry an air compressor and air pressure gauge and check all the tire pressures on you RV,
tow vehicle, toad, boat trailers, etc. every day. Proper tire pressure reduces fuel consumption and helps reduce tire
temperatures and incidence of tire blowouts.

Maintenance Tip: - When is the last time you had your brakes checked for proper operation and condition of brake
pads and rotors?

Maintenance Tip: - When is the last time you had your tires rotated and checked for defects, adequate tread
depth, irregular wear, or UV damage?

Fuel Savings Tip – If you have a favorite RV resort or campground you use frequently, check about leaving the RV
at the resort and travel back and forth in your personal vehicle. You will save on fuel costs and reduce road RV wear
and tear.

Fuel Savings Tip – Florida has over 1400 RV resorts and campground locations. Check out RV resorts and
campgrounds closer to home to reduce driving time and fuel consumption.

Money Saving Tip – Look for credit cards with fuel rebates that provide the rebates on the next monthly bill and do
not limit the total amount of rebates available, and that also have reasonable interest rates if you carry a balance.

Identity Protection Tip – Do not carry your Social Security card, passport or birth certificate in your purse or wallet.

Housekeeping Tip – Don’t forget spare batteries for the smoke detector and remotes.

Safety Tip – When is the last time you checked to see if your propane detector was working? See your coach
document for details.

Identity Protection Tip – Request a copy of your Social Security Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate
Statement to make sure that your employer is reporting your wage history and that no one else is using your Social
Security number to gain employment.

Cooking Tip - For excellent steaks, fish, and dinners, and more, try the individually portioned sizes and tasty
products available from Omaha Steaks. Just about all come with cooking instructions and many can go from freezer
to microwave for fast and easy cooking. We find them outstanding at home and on the road.

Maintenance Tip – Carry a jack capable of lifting your RV. This may be necessary if a road service provider coming
out to change a flat tire does not have a sufficiently powerful jack.

Maintenance Tip: - Now that the RV is serviced, did you make sure that your boat trailer, tow dolly, and towable
RV have been serviced to ensure that the wiring, lights, brakes, and tires are in safe operating condition? For further

Safety Tip – Carrying and using the reflective safety triangles will make your RV more visible to oncoming drivers if
you have to pull over to the side of the road.   

Identity Protection Tip – You are entitled to a free credit report once a year from each of the credit reporting
agencies. Every four months, request a credit report from one of the three every four months and check to see that it
is correct and there are no suspicious transactions.

Safety Tip – Carry an air gauge and air compressor whenever your RV is on the roads to monitor and maintain the
correct and safe levels of air pressure in the RV and all vehicles.  

Maintenance Tip: - A water pressure regulator can prevent damage to your RV plumbing system if you stay in a
campground or resort with excessive water pressure.

Trip Planning Tip – If your campground directory is more than two years old, buy a new one. Leave one in the RV
and the other in your home.

Money Saving Tip – We remind our visitors that the fuel discount program of 10% for the first 90 days, followed by
a 5% discount (with no limit) is still available for Hess gas stations and Wilco Travel Plazas using the Hess Visa
credit card from Chase is still being offered. Check the Hess website at or pick up a brochure at any
Hess gas stations.

Maintenance Tip – Keep your old windshield wipers and engine fan belts in a storage bay when you put new ones
on. They can be handy for you or someone else if a wiper is lost or damage, or a fan belt breaks.

Housekeeping Tip – Purchase and carry the necessary replacement batteries for your smoke detectors,
entertainment system and satellite receiver remotes, flashlights, etc. in the RV.

Safety Tip – When is the last time you checked the status and pressure of your fire extinguisher. It’s a good idea
to keep an additional fire extinguisher in the bedroom and in an outside bay close to the door.

Maintenance Tip – Carrying a good air gauge and air compressor capable inflating your RV and toad tires will help
you maintain proper inflation in all tires, improve fuel efficiency and road handling, and extend tire life.

Trip Planning Tip – If you use the Interstate for RV travel and enjoy stopping at the conveniently located Cracker
Barrel restaurants, pick up a few menus and the nationwide map of Cracker Barrel locations when you stop. You
can save a few minutes by planning your next stop and picking before you arrive.  

Trip Planning Tip – Do you know that Google Earth shows satellite pictures of almost any location across the
country? Download the software and use to view the RV resorts and campgrounds on your itinerary to help you pick
the best and convenient locales.

Maintenance Tip – Make sure you have adequate windshield cleaner and de-icing fluid if you are traveling in areas
where the temperature can go below freezing.

Trip Planning Tip – Do you know that the FMCA provides free trip routing in the US, Canada, and Mexico for their

Money Saving Tip – Florida state parks are celebrating literacy by letting the public have fun in the park for free.
For the month of September, park officials are giving free admission to park-goers who show a library card or a
library book at the entrance. People can also donate a new or gently used book for a family to read together.

Trip Planning Tip – Do you know that the Good Sam Club provides free trip routing and reservation in US for their
Safety Tip – Turn off your propane gas supply at the propane tank when the RV is being driven to reduce the risk of
fire. You can use your generator periodically or freezer blocks in the refrigerator to help keep the refrigerator cold.

Maintenance Tip - Check the hydraulic fluid level for your jacks and slide(s) before each trip – see your chassis

Money Saving Tip – Did you renew your memberships in the Camping World Presidents Club and camping clubs
(Good Sam Club, FMCA, KOA, Escapees Club, etc?)

Safety Tip – Using a set of three reflective safety triangles (available at Camping World, RV supply stores, and auto
supply stores), will help warn oncoming traffic that your RV is not moving when your RV is in the breakdown lane or
at the side of the road.

Safety Tip – Check your tow hitch connections and check for low tires every time you stop at a rest stop or
refueling location.

Money Saving Tip – Use your debit card and ask for “cash over” when making purchases to avoid paying ATM

Maintenance Tip – When is the last time you changed your windshield wipers or checked all fluid levels?

Driving Tip – The FMCA North American Road Atlas & Travel Guide, fourth edition, abounds with updated
maps, campground listings and other helpful information designed for motorhome travelers. You can ordered on the
Internet at the
FMCA website.

Maintenance Tip – You can’t check your tire pressure unless you are carrying a tire pressure gauge. Don’t forget
to check the inside rear tires. You should also carry an air compressor capable of inflating your RV, tow vehicle, and
toad tires to the correct air pressure.

Maintenance Tip – When is the last time you changed your windshield wipers or checked all fluid levels?
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