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Check Fuel Rebates Carefully - Most RVers try to make use of credit cards that provide rebates for
fuel purchases and other purchases. It is very important to check the current rebates available for fuel
purchases which can be expensive for RVers.  Many of the credit card companies offering fuel rebates
have reduced the rebate amount (such as the Hess Visa card going from 5% to 3%) or the set limits on
the maximum payout for fuel rebates. It is part of the credit card industry approach to cover the bad
management decisions to give credit cards to people with poor credit by increasing interest rates, fees,
and reducing rebate and rewards programs.

RV Housekeeping Items - RVers will find a wide selection of housekeeping items for their RV at low
cost at the Dollar Store chain stores. The different types of items include dishes, cleaning supplies,
laundry supplies, hand tools, storage containers, and lots more, all for only $1 per item.

Avoiding State Income Taxes - A total of 41 states impose income taxes. New Hampshire and
Tennessee apply it only to income from interest and dividends. Seven states (Alaska, Florida, Nevada,
South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming) do not tax personal income. See the
Living Information Center website for more information.

Great Savings on Outdoor Equipment and Clothes at Cabela's Bargain Cave - RVers looking for
a one stop shopping and discounts of up to 70% on a wide selection of high quality outdoor equipment,
and casual and outdoor clothes should check  

Putting Your Money to Work - Information is the key to help us make the best decisions to find the
products and services we need at the best price. Easy ways to get started for the upcoming RV season
include checking out what’s new and available at your local RV dealer,
RV shows in your area, and
Camping World; and renewing your camping club memberships, such as Good Sam, FMCA, Escapees,

Getting or renewing your Camping World President’s Club membership will keep the RVing product
catalogs and discounts coming. You may also want to check out the major savings of 50% on overnight
stays available with
Passport America and Camp Club USA discount camping clubs.

RV Manufacturers Going Out of Business – If the manufacturer of your RV or any RV you are
considering purchasing is going (rumored to be going), out of business, we strongly recommend you
contact both your RV dealer and the RV manufacturer to obtain clarification of warranty and product
support that will be available to you.

RV manufacturers who file for bankruptcy and halt production, or just went out of business may leave
the RV owner with no warranty protection from the RV manufacturer. Warranty protection for RV
systems such as the AC unit, furnace, refrigerator, stove, hot water heater, and other RV accessories
will still available by contacting an authorized dealer or repair facility.

Warranty coverage for the chassis and drive train coverage are usually provided by the manufacturer,
such as Ford, Workhorse, or Freightliner, etc, and should still be available. Check with the appropriate
manufacturer to determine how and where to get warranty service, routine service, and parts for your
chassis and drive train systems and components.

Zero Interest for RV Equipment Purchases for 12 Months - No-interest financing for 12 months on
any purchase of $499 or more on a single sales receipt for RVers using the
Camping World EZ Pay
credit card automatically qualify for the program. The 12-month deferred interest promotion does not
require monthly payments on that qualifying sales receipt purchase but does require the entire balance
to be paid in full within 12 billing cycles of the purchase date. You can get more information and apply
for the Camping World EZ Pay credit card at the Camping World retail store locations,
Camping World
website on the Internet, or by calling 1-800-767-7218.

The Vanishing Zero Interest Balance Transfer Offers  Check all zero-Interest and low-interest
credit card offers to transfer credit card balances or use the "convenience" checks from your credit card
provider very closely.

The old zero-Interest and small transaction fees are rapidly disappearing as banks rush to recover
some of the massive losses incurred in the past year due to bad bank lending practices. Many of the
credit card companies have dropped any maximum transaction fee and charge a flat fee of up to 5.0%
on the total amount of each transaction, subject to a minimum transaction fee of $10.

In addition, many of the old 12-month zero-Interest and low-Interest loan offerings that ran for twelve
months have been shortened to as little as nine months. The net result is that the effective annual
interest rate (APR) is substantially higher than the quoted zero-interest or low-interest rate displayed in
big letters on the ads.

Apparently, far too many financial institutions are relying on increased fees and interest charges from
people with good credit to cover the huge banking and credit industry losses resulting from the
combination of bad loan practices and outrageous and undeserved executive bonuses. In contrast,
most credit unions offer reasonable and appropriate fees along with good interest rates.

We recommend you monitor all offers very closely and consider contacting or joining a credit union to
obtain credit and loan offerings tailored to your needs.

Groceries - Many RVers find they can save 3% - 5% for groceries on the road by signing up and using
for the free discount cards at the service desks of the supermarkets at on RV and camping trips.

Overnight Fees - RVers who enjoy the cost savings provided by the Passport America club have two
new opportunities to save money. Passport America members who refer a friend that joins will receive a
one year free membership added to their current Passport America member/travel card.

RV Loans – the Financial Underwriters Network, usually known as F.U.N. Loans, is offering fuel
rebates of up to $100 for anyone financing or refinancing an RV or boat. For details, call (800) 231-
4003 or go to the
Fun Loan website on the Internet.

Overnight Fees – can be reduced by 10% - 15% or more using your RV club memberships, such as
Good Sam Club, FMCA, Escapees Club, and KOA Kamper. For larger savings, check out the 50%
discounts available to members of the increasingly popular camping clubs such as
Passport America,
with more than 1400 RV resorts and campgrounds. If you are staying more than a few days, check to
see if the RV resort offers a seventh day free with a six-day stay, or a discount for a one-month stay.

National Parks - RVers traveling through the wide open areas or visiting and staying at Federal lands
managed by the National Park Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture - Forest Service, Fish and
Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation are eligible for significant
savings by purchasing the appropriate National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Pass. The costs
vary from zero to $80, depending on the pass program being purchased.

More on Fuel Rebates - Check out fuel discount/saving programs from your credit card providers.
Currently, fuel discounts may be available for holders of the
ChasePerfect MasterCard (3%), the
Chase Hess Visa Card
(3%), the Discover Card (5% for fuel), Racetrac (10% initially, dropping to 5%)
USAA credit cards (3%). Look for cards which provide the credit associated with fuel purchases on
the next billing cycle.
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