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Fall Weather Driving Dangers
Your RV insurance provides valuable protection against a variety of conditions that can cause
damage ranging from minor to total loss of your RV.

Fall weather RVing exposes RVers to the risk of collisions with wild animals, such as deer, moose, and
elk, or large birds. Hitting wildlife with any vehicle, including your RV can cause extensive damage to
RVs and injury to driver and passengers. Most insurers process any resulting damage caused by
hitting a wild animal or bird under the vehicle comprehensive coverage and deductibles.

Your RV comprehensive coverage covers “direct and accidental loss, or damage to your vehicle
caused by fire, theft, earthquake, hail, flood, windstorm, vandalism and other perils not specifically
excluded...” Not all RVers realize that this coverage includes any damage resulting from hitting wild
animals and birds.

The good news is that comprehensive claims do not normally affect your insurance rates because
they are considered as unavoidable situations, not driver neglect or error.

Contact your insurer immediately after ensuring that the driver and passengers are safe and the RV
is in a safe location. Your insurer may require proof of hitting a wild animal to process the incident as
a comprehensive claim.

RVers must understand that trying to avoid hitting a wild animal by rapid braking or steering
maneuvers may result in loss of control, extensive damage to the RV, and injury to driver and
passengers. If you do avoid hitting the wild animal and incur RV damage, it will be processed under
your applicable collision coverage and deductibles. This may result in having your insurance rates
increased if the insurer concludes that driver error was a factor.

Important Considerations for All Comprehensive Claims - Do not authorize any work to be
started until the adjuster has reviewed and approved the claim and you are satisfied with the
settlement. RV repair estimates are normally at no cost if the facility does the repair work and insurers
normally process and pay comprehensive claims very quickly.

The amount of the deductible affects your cost of comprehensive coverage. Increasing the deductible
will reduce the cost. RVers should consider the value of the savings against the offset that will be
made against any proceeds. It is also important to consider that RVs are more susceptible to claims
for windshield, tire blowout, and fire damage than automobiles.

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A brief overview of the comprehensive
coverage provided by your RV insurance
that provides valuable protection
Fall Weather Driving Dangers
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