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Fewer RVer publications and
Finding a Dump Station
Fewer RV Publications
Effective January 2009, Woodall's Regional Publications ceased publishing and distributing the  
Northeast Outdoors and Camperways RV lifestyle newsletters. Woodall’s stopped publishing
and distributing the popular
Woodall’s Florida RV Traveler, the Woodall’s Southern RV, and the
Woodall’s Midwest RV Traveler in January 2008.

The popular newsletters were available at no cost to RVers at popular RV resorts, campgrounds, RV
dealers, Camping World locations and selected RV equipment and service providers. The publishers of
the widely read and informative newsletters that provided interesting articles, suggestions, and
information about the RV lifestyle cited increased publishing and distribution costs and decreased ad
revenues as the factors that led to the decision to cease publication.

Need a Dump Station?
RV owners periodically find themselves needing to find an RV dump station. This may be a result of dry
camping with no sewer service or dump station available, or making one-night layovers and trying to get
on the road quickly without using the campground or RV resort dump station on the way out.

Also affected are RVers working on the road or visiting places such as ball games, auto races, or dog
shows and not being in or near any available campgrounds or RV resorts.

It is important to understand that the number of public dump stations at highway rest stops and some
travel centers is gradually being reduced because of maintenance, service, and vandalism concerns.

Help is on the way, in both hard copy and on the Internet.  We recommend that anyone using an RV in
these situations, but not staying at campgrounds, buy the popular
RVers Guide to Dump Stations. The
book is available at the
RV Bookstore website and at Camping World stores or the Camping World  
website. The book is invaluable in locating dump stations, especially when Internet access is not

RV Bookstore says “This directory offers a comprehensive listing by state and by highway of most
of the known public dump stations in America — more than 2,000 all together including truck stops,
travel centers, city and county parks, gas stations, rest areas and more. It's the most comprehensive
directory of its kind.”

You will also find locations of dump stations on the Internet. We suggest you start by checking out www.
rvdumpstations.com and www.sanidumps.com. Do an online Google or Yahoo Internet search for “RV
dump stations” if these two websites do not provide the information you need.

Don’t forget that most RV resorts and campgrounds will allow RVers who are not staying guests to use
their dump station for a small fee.

We recommend that any RVer anticipating or planning dry camping activities in their RV check out the
Internet websites that meet their needs and also purchase the
RVers Guide to Dump Stations for
those times when Internet access is not available.

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