Common Sense Ideas for the New RV Season
Getting ready for a new RVing season is always
interesting. Here are some suggestions to help you
enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes.
Common Sense Ideas for the New RV Season
Getting ready for a new RVing season is always interesting. Here are some easy to digest and easy to implement ideas to
help you enjoy one of America’s favorite pastimes. We have organized them into several categories to let you pick and
choose what will be best for your RVing.

Taking the Toys on the Road - You’ll find lots and lots of bargains for electronic products that make RVing and traveling
more fun. The recent slowdown in the economy has the big box stores, such as Sears, Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, and
more, offering significant price  reductions for GPS navigation systems, laptop computers, digital cameras, and LCD flat-
screen TV's for starters.

Note: Many stores are willing to match the lowest prices. We recommend you print out the item and price information
and take it with you when you shop.

All RVers should check out the Camping World Internet Specials along with other great savings.

Getting More for Less  - Making the most of the money spent on RVing allows you to stay out longer, travel further, and buy
more RVing accessories that maximize your “on the road” experiences.

Use credit cards with fuel rebates that appear on the next monthly bill with no limits on the amount of rebates available, and
that also have reasonable interest rates (if you carry a balance). Eliminate paying ATM fees by requesting “cash over” when
using your debit cards. Some supermarkets and large stores will go as much as $100 in cash over the amount of the

Check out fuel discount or rebate programs. Good ones offer as savings of up to 10% for the first 90 days and then drop to
5% discount with no limit. A number of credit card issuers, such as Chase and USAA offer gas rebates of 3% on all
purchases. Check out the MSN Money article 12 Ways to Find Cheaper Gas for more tips.

Sign up for the free Woodall's Monthly eNewsletter - Tips & Wisdom for Your Traveling Lifestyle and Woodall’s Diamond
Club membership on the website and check for available coupons, savings, and discounts.

Turning off the power (gas or electric) supply to your water heater at your home base while you are on the road reduces
utility expenses.

Maintaining memberships in the Camping World President’s Club and camping clubs (Good Sam Club, FMCA, KOA,
Escapees Club, etc?) provides savings of 10% - 15% and more. Membership camping clubs, such as Passport America,
can provide RV resort and campground discounts of up to 50% across the country

Housekeeping and Life on the Road - Purchase and carry the necessary replacement batteries for your smoke detectors,
entertainment system and satellite receiver remotes, flashlights, etc. in the RV. Spend more time enjoying your trip by taking
your laundry to a wash and fold service.

If your RVing itinerary changes, you can submit a Change of Address, establish Mail Forwarding and Mail Holds, and more
at the US Postal Service website via the Internet at

Don’t start any RV trip without extra flashlights and batteries, emergency breakdown or road service coverage, and a NOAA
weather radio.

Turning off the water supply at your home base (or at least the washing machine) can prevent extensive and expensive
damage due to ruptured water lines while you are away.

Safety and Maintenance – Test your propane detector for proper operation (see your coach documents for the procedure).
Turn off your propane gas supply at the propane tank when the RV is being driven to reduce the risk of fire. You can help
keep the refrigerator cold by using your generator periodically or with freezer blocks.

A properly located lifting jack of sufficient capacity should be in place before loosening or removing any RV tires. The RV
leveling jacks should only be used to help a road service technician properly position a lifting jack. Severe RV damage and
personal injury can occur if an RV leveling jack fails while a tire is being removed or replaced without the use of a lifting jack.
The JC Whitney website offers a selection of bottle jacks.

Reflective warning triangles make your RV more visible to oncoming drivers if your RV is disabled. Carrying an air gauge
and air compressor will enable you to monitor and maintain the correct and safe levels of tire pressure in the RV and all

When was the last time you checked the status and pressure of your fire extinguisher? It’s a good idea to keep an
additional fire extinguisher in the bedroom and another one in an outside bay close to the door.

A water pressure regulator can prevent damage to your RV plumbing system if you stay in a campground or resort with
excessive water pressure. You’ll find some excellent suggestions regarding your RV Fresh Water System on the KOA
website. Check the hydraulic fluid level for your jacks and slide(s) before each trip.  

Trip Planning - Buy a new campground directory if your current one is more than two years old.  Leave one in the RV and the
other in your home. The content-packed Woodall’s 2008 North American Campground Directory is currently available for
$12.95 and includes the exclusive Woodall’s Extended Stay Guide.

RVers who travel the Interstate for RV travel and enjoy stopping at the conveniently located Cracker Barrel restaurants
should pick up a few menus and the nationwide map of Cracker Barrel locations. You can save a few minutes by planning
your next food stop and selecting your meal choices before you arrive.  

Check your medical and dental insurance coverage before you leave your home area to determine your insurance coverage
and any required steps to take if you obtain medical or dental care while away from home.

Google Earth shows satellite pictures of almost any location across the country. Download the free software to view the RV
resort and campgrounds on your itinerary to help you pick the best and locales.

Do you know that the Good Sam Club provides free trip routing and reservation in US for their members and that the FMCA
provides free trip routing in the US, Canada, and Mexico for their members?

Watching out for Identity Theft – RVers can be at increased risk for identity theft because they may be on the road and away
from home for extended periods. The suggestions in this section are provided to help you protect your personal information.

Do not carry your Social Security card, passport or birth certificate in your purse or wallet and cancel any credit cards you do
not use. We suggest you do not share your SSN unless it is absolutely necessary.

Request a copy of your Social Security Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement to make sure that your employer
is reporting your wage history and that no one else is using your Social Security number to gain employment.

You can reduce the number of unwanted solicitations from the marketing lists of the three primary credit bureaus by calling
(888) 5OPT-OUT.

You are entitled to a free credit report once a year from each of the credit reporting agencies. By requesting one from a
different credit reporting agency every four months, you will be able to receive one every four months. Check it closely to see
that it is correct and that there are no suspicious transactions.

Security Freeze - Consider having a “Security Freeze” placed with all three credit reporting agencies. This “locks” access to
your credit report and prevents people from gaining access to your credit history. The security freeze can be unlocked by the
consumer when applying for new credit and then relocked.
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